Pier 34 NYC

Installation with quantities of emty faxrolls, painted with china ink. Interacting with pigeons, seagulls, wind, rain, puddles and tottering oak pilasters.
Pier 34, Hudson Drive, New York City

"Long abandoned and decaying into the Hudson River, Pier 34 was transformed into a vast raw art space and "museum", its crumbling walls and rooms turned into paintings and installations by artists and spread fast through the East Village art scene. ... For me every time I entered the pier was like going into a magic maze, a mysterious, surreal world where time and reality changed, where the sounds and the outside world of Manhattan temporarily became a distant memory... It all ended during an ”opening” when amongst loads of people the Port Authority police showed up and closed down Pier 34 for good. Pier 34 was torn down the following year."

Excerpt from a text by Andreas Sterzing, Photographer.